Núm. 1 (2022): Small Claims

European small claims procedure in the realm of the other European proceedings

Publicado 2022-03-25

Palabras clave

  • EU Civil Procedure,
  • Small Claims Procedure,
  • EU Law,
  • Civil Proceedings,
  • ODR

Cómo citar

Simaitis, R. ., Vėbraitė, V. ., & Markevičiūtė, M. . (2022). European small claims procedure in the realm of the other European proceedings. Revista Ítalo-española De Derecho Procesal, (1), 123–136. https://doi.org/10.37417/rivitsproc/685


In this article, the European Small Claims Procedure will be analysed in the context of the other European procedures, namely Brussels I bis Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 1215/2012), European Enforcement Order Procedure, European Payment Order Procedure and Consumer ODR Procedure. The aim of each procedure, their benefits for users and drawbacks are compared in order to establish the areas in which the European Small Claims Procedure can be improved or modified contributing better towards the development of more efficient and user-friendly European Union civil proceedings system. Results of the SCAN | Small Claims Analysis Network consortium studies of the application of the ESCP are used as a basis of this article. The article among other issues will cover premises to introduce seamlessly integrated dispute resolution methods and tools in the European Small Claims procedure such as early-diagnostics, negotiations, mediation, etc. in order to create a pyramid-shaped dispute resolution system so that only the disputes that cannot be resolved by using other tools would be channeled to the adjudicative stage.


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